A community for underrepresented persons in data science.

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We have a number of open source initiatives for the community.

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PyMC Open Source Contributing Session: March 30, 2023

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Our Video Tutorials

Check out our videos on data science, open source and career advice.

Sphinx for Python Documentation

A high-level explanation of how the Sphinx tool for generating documentation automatically works for Python packages.

Intro to Probabilistic Programming with PyMC

PyMC is an open source python probabilistic programming which makes Bayesian inference algorithms more accessible.

Land Your First Data Science Job

Leave with a plan to discover, prepare for, and land a first career role in data. Covers interviewing and networking.

Visualize Your Pandas Dataframe with Lux

Lux is a lightweight visualization tool on top of Pandas dataframes which recommends useful visualizations to users.

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