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A community for underrepresented persons in data science.

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Data Umbrella is seeking volunteers to serve on our organizing and infrastructure committees. We welcome volunteers to contribute to our community. Areas of contribution include assisting us with organizing events, website updates, social media, communications, recording events and more. To get involved, complete our Data Umbrella Volunteer Form.

Volunteers should expect a 2 to 3 hour per week time commitment. There are also opportunities for leadership roles with 5 to 10 hours per week time commitment. Some examples of the types of areas volunteers will be participating in are organizing events, outreach to speakers, engineering, technical writing, and social media management, but it is not limited to these. We welcome support in other areas too.

Benefits of Volunteering
  • Work with a fun, dedicated, bright team of volunteers located internationally
  • Get connected to the data science community
  • Network with our volunteer team, we have bi-monthly Volunteer Sync Meetings
  • Learning: develop and build skills in data science, open source, event organizing, marketing, writing, communications, which are beneficial to all professions
  • Build your resume with volunteer experience
  • Mentorship and training

NOTE: Some benefits will be available after 3 months of consistent contributions.